Vinyl Liner Recommendation



After 18 years it's time for a new liner. I will be having it installed and have several estimates. It seems like the big driver of price differences is the liner itself. Anywhere from $1300 to $1750 for a 16x35 Grecian (all 20 mil). Is there really a difference in the quality? I don't mind paying more for a better quality product but don't want to waste money either. Does anyone who has experience with various liner companies prefer one over the other? Any idea what could drive the price difference other than one dealer just marking it up more? Thx


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May 15, 2007
New Brunswick Canada
I might be completely wrong, but I think once you are up to the suggest mil size, anything over that is overkill, and some installers hate working with the thicker mil's as they wont really soften up enough to get a good fit.

Again, I might be wrong, but I think if your pool is properly balanced, most of your vinyl liner issues willl disappear, and 15 yrs for a 2K investment is well worth it.