Vinyl liner Quote Replacement Question


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May 29, 2012
I just received a quote to replace our liner that is 13 years old. I'm curious if the wording in the agreement of sale is common when replacing a liner:

Our standard liner installation fee includes: An on site inspection, measuring the liner, removal and disposal of old liner, re-trowel existing
base and provide make up sand base if necessary, installation of new liner and new skimmer & return gaskets.
Installation does not include and the homeowner will be charged additional for: Cement/Vermiculite patchwork underneath the liner, wall
foam and glue, replacement track or coping, and equipment hook up.
Pool Company is not responsible for the condition of the pre-existing pool if the walls do not remain stable upon draining the pool or
during the installation of the liner. The repair will be the sole responsibility of, and at the expense of, the homeowner.
Pool Company is not responsible for any water under the liner or the damages, uneven base, or liner wrinkles that it may cause before,
during or after the installation is complete. The homeowner is responsible for drainage around the pool and damages caused to the pool
due to drainage problems including sand washout and sink holes.
Pool Company will not be held responsible for any wrinkles that may be present in the new liner. Pool Company will make every effort
to avoid wrinkles, but because every pool is different and most pools have inconsistencies, there will be no guarantees made or assumed
in regards to wrinkles. If the pool has a vinyl lined step, the risk of wrinkles will only increase.
Some pool coping can currently be wider than the original tolerances. In this case, the liner can come dislodged from the track it connects
to, at any time. Pool Company will not be responsible for any return calls concerning the liner coming out of the track. After the
original one season warranty, any return calls concerning the liner coming out of the track will be considered a service call and the current
hourly rate will apply.
We offer a one season warranty on the liner installation. Because of the age of your pool, we cannot be responsible for what might
happen to your pool and liner in the winter, due to freezing, shifting, water and or other natural occurrences. Pool Company is not
responsible for mole/termite infestations or mold under the liner that may cause holes or discoloration in the liner. The homeowner is
responsible for ground treatment. No warranty is made with respect to stones under the liner. Ground movement and stones are an act of
Use of the swimming pool by the buyer, family, or guests shall constitute conclusive evidence that the swimming pool liner is in all
respects satisfactory and that the installation has been fully and satisfactorily completed. No claim may be filed under warranty and no
obligation to make adjustments hereunder will accrue while the Buyer is in default of payment.
I understand that after my installation is complete and the liner has held water for two days, Pool Company will be held harmless for any
holes in the liner. After that, any service calls due to water loss will be subject to our standard Leak Detection service which is $250.00.
The installation warranty does not apply to holes or slices in the liner after the liner has proven to hold water at the time of the skimmer
installation. Holes must be patched by the homeowner.
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