Vinyl liner loose above water line.


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Sep 6, 2021
Bethany, WV
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Installed new liner last summer. Everything looked great until Ida hit last week and I got about 5.6 in of rain in 12 hrs. Liner was floating but settled down with minimal wrinkles. Noticed today the liner is loose above the water line. It was fine yesterday, and today not so much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It’s right where it snaps into track.



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Apr 10, 2009
We had our previous liner come out of the track. I think it was about a foot long section. I didn't want to chance wrecking the liner so we had the same person who installed the liner put it back in the track and it was fine. There's some youtube videos out there that show how to put in back in the track if you want to do it yourself. Looks like you'd have to put boiling water directly on the area, or maybe use a hairdryer, and then you'd only have about 30 seconds to work with it while it's pliable. Good luck.
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