Vinyl liner coming out of coping


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May 30, 2020
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Not sure this goes here but how do I fix this? I've read that people have been able to push/pull this back in themselves but there's not enough space between the liner the wall to get your hand in your there unless I pull the liner out even more. Plus I don't have the hand strength to do that. The liner was replaced in 2018 - is this type of thing normal after 3 years? Should I contact the installer?


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Jun 16, 2019
Massage it back into place by sliding your fingers from the secure sides. You can make the liner more pliable with hot water (not boiling).

Once it’s in head over to your local pool store and buy a 6ft piece of liner lock and cut a piece that’s a few inches long. It’s a plastic wedge like strip that fills the gap that’s making the liner fall. You should already have some in your corners. You can Amazon it as well if you’d rather.

the liner lock will go mostly into place by pushing but needs some love to fully seat. A hammer works but I’m a big clumsy oaf and always worried about slipping/missing. So I’d cut a block of 2X4, Press that to the liner lock and hit the 2X4 with a rubber Mallot.

Over time you’ll probably get a few more spots. Repeat as necessary


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Aug 19, 2014
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I just did a liner and had one corner that wanted to come loose. a 12" piece right around the corner and its there to stay. I am going to do the whole pool with it.
Nice. Installers put back all the liner lock pieces in mine and almost the entire liner is locked in.
Every first swim day of the year I get in and go around to push back in any that have come out ever slightly. A firm shove with 2 fingers works.

It boggles my mind when I see just a few or no liner lock in place on a new install. Then months or year later liners are coming out of track.
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