Vinyl CSI -.94


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May 27, 2014
FC 5-9 all summer test and target levels
CYA 60
TA 50
CH 100
pH 7.4 *no drifting all year
CSI -.94

This is exactly what I've done going on four years now. I have an extremely trouble free pool thanks to TFPC; just mostly dosing with bleach each day; but this year I overdosed with cya a tad and so landing at 60 has driven down my CSI number further than usual. I've done some reading on this, but reaching out just to make sure I'm good and clear..should I try to raise pH to 7.7 and/or TA up a tad or is this CSI thing really nothing to worry about with a vinyl pool even at this super-low level? My preference is not to mess with anything, because pool care is so easy with all my levels where they are and just let cya work it's way down througout the season. I ended up at TA 50 four years ago via acid dosing until pH quit rising, and it's been there ever since, plus Chem Geek god told me I was good (the recommended range back then was 70-100 if I recall). I use bleach exclusively. I don't see any pH movement whatsoever at this TA level; either with cya @ its normal 40 or @ current 60


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May 3, 2014
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
CSI is of no concern to your pool. Go to Settings in the App and turn off Tracking CSI.
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