Vibration/Humming from FILTER


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Jul 18, 2019
I replaced my cartridge in May but recently had issues with chemical levels. Once I got the levels back to normal I vacuumed the pool after about 3 days of good chemical levels. Once I finished I took my cartridge out of the filter and hosed it down pretty good. I cleaned and re-lubbed the o-ring but it leaked pretty bad and a vibration/humming sound from the filter when it didn't an hour earlier. Pulled it back apart about 4/5 times and even flipped the cartridge a couple of times but it still leaked and still made a vibration/humming sound. I replaced the o-ring with a new one and the leaking stopped and the noise level was lower but it still makes that vibration/humming sound, you can hear it from over 24 feet away (pool is 21 ft round). My pressure gage since I bought the system was around 20 psi, it now is about 17/18 psi (not sure why). When I put my hand in front of the "return jet" and raise the psi to 20 or just over the vibration/humming stops. What can I do to stop the noise?

Thanks for any and all help


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Jul 21, 2013
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Try running the filter without the cartridge in it and see if the vibration disappears.

I suspect something may be loose or ripped in the cartridge.