VGreen 165 Impeller and Amp Usage Questions


May 26, 2020
Miami, FL
Hi All,

I replaced my old pump motor, STS1202RV1, on my Hayward SP 1600 with a VGreen 165 but I didn't change any other parts with the exception of the Tune-Up kit. My question is should I change the impeller and/or any other parts? The currently installed impeller is SP2615-C. Right now I'm getting about 45GPM, according to FlowVis, at 1600RPMs. Also, I noticed they sell a Tune-up kit specifically for SW pools. I'm currently chlorine but I'm switching to salt soon. I actually just finished replumbing because I didn't have enough room for the SWG.

My other question is about amp draw. I used a clamp meter and measured the amperage at different RPMs. At full RPMs, I was only using 6.4 Amps. According to the specs, max amps are 10-10.5. So is something wrong or is that rating for the initial startup?



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Mar 21, 2016
Atlanta Ga
I have a Inyo pump with the vgreen 1.65 motor. I haven’t tested amps at full speed but around 2100 I think it was only around 1.5.
Definitely cut my power bill down a good bit over my old 1.5 hp super pump

on the propeller ask inyopools, I have seen then advise others on similar questionS


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Mar 2, 2011
The 2.7 hp vgreen 270 is rated at 10.5 amps. So, something doesn't add up.

Maybe the 165 and 270 are the same motor?

In any case, assuming that the limit is 1.65 total hp, the best fit impeller is the SP2610C.

If the 165 and the 270 motor are the same, then you can use up to 2.7 total hp of impeller.

Maybe check with Regal Beloit.


May 26, 2020
Miami, FL
Thanks JamesW. I ordered the impeller and reached out to Regal and the store I bought the motor from. Let's see what they say.
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