VGreen 165 control panel doesn't react - looking for VLink unit


Jun 23, 2014

I have a VGreen 165 pump that works fine.
A while ago the control panel (on top) was giving some issues, I had to press the selected buttons a couple of times before it worked.
Recently the control panel doesn't react at all.
It does follow the program and pump function is fine.

I opened the top and everything is clean and dry, my assumption is that the control panel may be broken.
I am looking for information on where to buy this part (if available) , I got one response from a reseller and it was a quote for a complete new pump (which is a bit too much I think).

I also read about a V-Link option, that unit can be attached to the pump, I can then hook up to my WIFI and control the unit with the App on my phone.
That seems also an option assuming I would be able to bypass the failing control panel.
But I haven't found a supplier for the VLink yet.

Hope that someone can help me ?

- Can the control panel (on top of the pump) be purchased separately somewhere?
- Does anyone have information where I could buy the V-link unit?




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Mar 2, 2011
Has the #1 DIP switch always been on?

Does that match the manual for how it should be set?

What voltage are you getting when measuring from L1 to L2?


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Jan 15, 2021
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DIP switch 1 just turns the 12v on and off on pin 1 of the RS485 connection and doesn’t affect the pump configuration itself. It’s on by default as I have the same pump.
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Jun 23, 2014
Just checked , voltage is 235 V on the L1 and L2 , that is the correct current here (Curacao).

No changes to DIP switch, always like that.

Is there anywhere an option to purchase the control panel that is on top ?
It has a flat cable that goes through the cover under the buttons and connects to the rest of the motor.
Seems glued to the cover so I was hoping this is a part that can be purchased.

And looking for V-Link information (where to buy and costs).