VGB Suction/Strainer with 1.5in male thread


Jul 5, 2020
Hi All,
As this has a been a great community and really has helped me get my new pool going, I wanted to share a find that might help others, but first and fore most, thank you all for the great help you have been.

As I have gotten items to "improve" my pool I was in search for a VGB suction drain that would fit the Hayward 1.5in wall outlet/return bulkheads that I plan on using to replace all the Intex stuff so that I can hard plumb my pool after I put it up again next season.

I couldn't find much in the forum about what people were using for bottom drains and wall suctions after putting on bulkheads. I did find some of you were using the Hayward SP1026 Grate, but having kids, one 5 year old which recently took off her vest and swims a lot underwater, like a mermaid, as she puts it. I felt that the grates would still allow hair or some other part of the body to get sucked in and stuck, so I began searching for a VGB drain.

I found the CMP 25207-800-000 Equalizer Suction; 1-1/2 Inch MIP. I ordered two and they fit the Hayward bulkheads just fine. I plan on using one for a bottom drain where you would normally put a garden hose on the Intex rectangular pool and another on one of the two small suction ports that I will put the Hayward bulkhead on.

I hope this helps any of you looking for a good strainer that is a bit more safe than the grate styled ones. Oh it is rated at 50GPM which turns to be at around 3000GPH

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Jul 5, 2021
Cleveland, OH
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How is this working out for you? Are you still using this cover? This is exactly what I was looking for.


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May 26, 2020
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I am one who is moving over to the Hayward SP1026. However, we do have younger kids that visit from time to time thus I 100% agree with the safety aspect and will purchase a set of these to swap over as needed. thank you for the information.
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