Very Small Bugs in a pool dark blue plaster


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Feb 19, 2016
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Sorry to make this my first post but I have been a stalker for a long time. You guys have taught me how to care for my pool all without me asking questions. I've learned to keep the water balanced properly and keep it looking crystal clear.

Here's my issue.... I have had back swimmers and boatmen. I easily recognize them and can get rid of them one way or another. The problem I have had for about 6 months now are these tiny little bugs that I can't see. If I look at my pool from an angle (i.e. 10 feet away), I can see their water ripple as they are darting through the water. Or if the sun shines down, I can see their shadows when they swim through the pool. They will dart in a straight line and do some kind of "spin" move. But I can't see them if I stand directly over the water. I can't even see the water ripples standing over them.

So I don't know if these bugs are just blending in with our dark color plaster or they are just THAT small. I can't find anything about these bugs or how to get rid of them. I have tried all the methods and recommendations on TFP but they are still there. It's driving me nuts and I have tried to accept it. I just can't accept it. I want them gone.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to try? Or even what they are?

Thanks in advance


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May 19, 2010
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Hmmm ...

You could trying raising the FC level up higher (SLAM) and see if that kills them.
Some report that adding borates discourages bugs
There was a recent post about a member adding something to the pool that killed the back swimmers, but I can not recall what it was.