Very low suction on skimmers


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Mar 2, 2021
Having an issue with very low suction levels on my skimmers, one more so than the other but both pretty bad. My pump does have a slow leak from the texas freeze but not positive that is really the cause of the suction issues. If I cut the valve on my suction intake line over to just the skimmers I can see tiny air bubbles in the pump basket otherwise water flow looks normal. I've already swapped the gasket to a new one on the pump basket lid to rule that out and noticed the pressure on my filter is ~2psi so pulled the filter apart and cleaned all the dirty cartridges today. The above and below water returns all have good strong pressure so despite the pump leak and super low psi on the filter the overall pressure still seems ok. Any advice on how I can further locate the skimmer suction issue and likely air leak in the line?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

You need to tell us more.. What size cartridge filter do you have?? What type of pump do you have Single Speed, 2-speed, or Variable Speed.. If VS what speed are you running.

If you have good water flow out of your returns, the I doubt you have a problem,,

We always suggest running your main drain either closed or only open about 5 or 10%.. This provides more suction to the skimmers.

Show us a couple of pics of your equipment pad showing all the valves and pipes.. Different angles work best.


Jim R.