Very low pressure at DE filter


Jul 29, 2011
My pool DE filter suddenly has only 5 lbs of pressure when it is usually at 20-25 depending on how recent I back washed. I tried moving the pump in waste mode and backwash mode and the water trickles out of the waste conduit. We did get a sudden abundance of l;eaves in the pool this week as our oak trees are shedding their leaves early this year. How do I determine when the clog is and how do I clear it?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I would say that your screen name does not fit you at this moment... :)

I suggest you use a drain king and blow water back from the pump to the skimmer and then send water from the skimmer to the pump with the lid off.. Just keep working back and forth and see if you can get the leaves out. I would first check to make sure there is nothing blocking the impeller but turning the power off and feeling impeller with the pump basket removed..

Here is a link to a drain king in case you have not seen one. They come in different sizes so get the one that fits you plumbing...


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