Very high bromine (22 ppm) after refill?


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Jul 27, 2017
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Hi All. I refilled my hot tub this weekend and followed a combo of the instructions here and the manual from my tub/chemicals. The main difference is my hot tub manual recommends a much higher TA - 125 - 150. My TA and pH were high so this is what I did and ended up with ~22ppm bromine in the water, and now 18 hours later its still about that much. (I wasn't sure to stop counting when it first turned colorless or another drop to make it very colorless, so that's why I say approx. 22) How long does it normally take for the bromine to go down? I know I can't go in until it is under 10. Did I do something wrong and also any thoughts on why the sticky says TA should be lower than my tub's manual?

tub is 325 gallons
  1. alkalinity 190ppm, pH 8.0
  2. acid demand procedure - 2 drops
  3. added 1 oz muriatic acid
  4. aerated for 30 min
  5. alkalinity still 170 - 180, pH still 8.0
  6. repeated with 2 oz muriatic acid
  7. alkalinity 150-160, pH 8.0, calcium hardness 180
  8. added 2 more oz muriatic acid & ran jets 30 min
  9. ~140 - 150 alkalinity
  10. added just over 1.5 oz refresh sodium bromide, ran jets 10 min or so then waited a while
  11. added slightly less than 6 oz renew shock
  12. tested after 10 min
  13. bromine was very high, about 22 -24ppm
  14. retested just now about 18 hours later, bromine still ~22


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Jun 12, 2009
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Don't try to mix TFP recommendations with other sources, use one or the other. As far as TA goes, trying to maintain a TA that high in a hot tub is just insane and will just lead to wasting a bunch of acid and baking soda. Hot tubs have a lot of aeration which causes the pH to rise quickly. Keeping TA low slows the pH rise from this aeration. TFP takes this in to account with our recommended levels, your manual is just a reprint of the standard pool numbers that the company puts on everything and no further thought has gone in to it. As it is with just about every "recommended levels" table you will find with pool products.

Just keep your tub uncovered and the Br level will drop eventually.


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Jul 27, 2017
New Jersey
Thanks for the reply! So what do I do when my hose fill water comes out at 190 TA? I'd have to add a ton of muriatic acid to get it down to 50, right?
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