Very green pool.....beyond hope?

Jun 11, 2008

Thanks in advance for your help with this one! I have a PebbleTec pool that did not have any circulation (pump was sucking air after leaf canister broke apart) and also did not have any chlorine for 10 full days. I am in Arizona and it is around 104 degrees here (water temp approx 80). It has now been almost 20 days since the pool turned green.

Before I found this website, I tried my own fixes.....

Dumped in 3 bags of shock (dicholor). Wait one day. Dump in one more. Wait a few days. Dump in one more.......give up and go to pool store.

Second...(yesterday at 3pm)
Went to Leslie's pool store and bought Black Algae Destroyer. Used 1 1/2 - 2 times suggested dose. Waited a change. $35 wasted.

Now I find this website and do LOTS of reading and am trying the following (WILL THIS WORK?!?!?!?!?)

Readings yesterday from pool store....

FC = 6.7 (I maintained 6.0 - 9.0 FC for the last 3 days -- thought that was enough...was wrong)
CH=500 ppm
CYA = 100 (I tried testing this and got a MUCH higher number, but as other posts suggest the test isn't accurate w/ green water)
TA= 160
TDS=2500 (AZ has very hard tap water)

Today I bought 9 bottles of 6% bleach (182 oz. size).

Today FC was at 4.5, so I added 4 bottles (pool size is 14,000 gallons). Did this at 5:30 PM. FC at that time = 30

Re-tested at 7:30 PM (2 hours after bleach)....FC still is 30

I have read that this should be going down and to watch it closely. Is it possible that by holding the FC 6.0 - 9.0 for 3 days has been helping?

Please keep in mind that my CYA may be very high.

I am concerned about bleaching the PebbleTec and/or ruining the pool equip. so I figured I can start with FC=30 and see if it works. If no improvement in 2 days, then go to FC =50???? Is that even safe?

Wow, I sure got a strange look when I bought 9 huge bottles of bleach....I hope this stuff works!

Thanks in advance!!!

Jun 11, 2008
Wow! That's weird!

Yesterday, there were about 15 threads in this post (all kinds of replies). Today they vanished.

It's probably due to the server switch.

Pool is fixed.......drained completely and re-filled the night before last.

Has 0 CYA (I suppose....since I didn't add any). 2 Floaters in the pool with trichlor (3 tabs each) and is holding 1.6 FC at the end of the Arizona.

Put in 1 bag of dichlor last night....just to make sure any remaining algae is wiped out (although I can't see any). Also figured it would help to raise the CYA. I have 40 # of trichlor tabs to get rid of, so I figured I will raise the CYA by floating them, lol.



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Glad to hear it.

If you've got em and want to use them up, that's fine just keep an eye on your numbers. Alternate having your pool store test for CYA and doing your own CYA test, to save your reagent. Just keep an eye on it. I can't see it getting too high before the end of summer.... also keep an eye on your PH.


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dmdrums said:
Yesterday, there were about 15 threads in this post (all kinds of replies). Today they vanished.

It's probably due to the server switch.
Yep, the upgrade process lost almost two days of posts. There were giant warning messages that that would happen. I think the site improvements are worth the disruption.