Very First test with K-2006. Some feedback please.

Apr 8, 2017
Hesperia, CA
Well... I did my first test with my new test kit. And here are the results,

FC = 1.0 ppm

PH = 7.2

TA = 30

CH = 150 ppm

CYA = > 30 ( less than 30. I filled the tube all the way up with the 14mL of water and I could still see the black dot. Water was very clear.)

CC = 0.6 (This scares me)

CSI = - 1.1

Now, I have an Ozone pool. However the first month of the pool, the ozone was not connected so I started the pool normal without the ozone system. Started it up with Chlorine and Muriatic acid. This is a brand new pool and I am trying to start it myself. But the chlorine level has been up and down. The PH has not been bad, but the chlorine levels have been crazy.

I finally just shocked the pool a yesterday. I am not sure if that is playing with my readings.

So any advice anyone can give could be greatly appreciated. I am determined to handle this myself. This is my first swimming pool I have ever owned.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Ok, just so that we are all on the same page... You do realize that pools consume Chlorine. Most use about 2 to 4 ppm per day. So you need to get your FC level up to where you want it and then add as much chlorine as your pool uses each day.

One of the things that keeps chlorine from being used up too quickly is CYA. This is one reason we recommend that you keep it at about 30 or 40. It sounds like you have zero. Unless you or your PB added CYA it will be zero.

See this chart...

I recommend you add 4 pounds of stabilizer to bring your CYA up to 30. You put it in an old sock and hang it in front of a return.

I would also add enough Liquid Chlorine or plain Bleach to get your FC up to about 4 ppm (see the chart). To do this will take about 1 jug of 8.25% bleach.

I would not worry about your CC level until you test it a couple of times.. You have to do it pretty quickly after the FC test, if it sits too long it will turn pink by itself.


Jim R.


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Aug 10, 2012
Also, use baking soda to raise TA up to 60 and raise your CH up to 250 ppm. That will get your CSI up so you won't risk etching the plaster.