Ventilation of Aqua Rite Housing


Sep 1, 2010
Sunny Deltona, FL
Recently replaced the current limiter on my Aqua Rite motherboard and closely monitored the operation of the unit for a couple of days. I removed 'face plate' every three or four hours of operation for a 'look see' and noticed a tremendous heat build up within the housing most likely aiding to the 'burn up' of my current limiter component. The transformer and current limiter create a lot heat due to their operating characteristics, and noticed the unit has no venting when the weather proof front door is closed. Cool air is coming into box from bottom around the 'no flow' cable connection, but the hot air in top of box had no where to go. SOLUTION: I removed circuit board and drilled a 1-1/4 inch hole in top center of box, then installed a aftermarket automotive valve cover vent ( ... ing=search ). Cost was about $7 and came with rubber gasket that is water tight, and the aluminum housing of the vent aims down to again make the unit rain resistant. When touching face plate, have noticed a considerable decrease in temp and am sure will enhance the life of components on circuit board as well as transformer.


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Oct 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
Can you post a pic? Sounds very interesting. I wonder if you can use a point and shoot thermometer to see what the temp difference would be?
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