Vendor suggestions/opinions?


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Jun 16, 2008
S.E. Wisconsin
We have a Water Warehouse locally. Good service, knowledgable employees and good chlorine prices. $12.00 for a case(4-1 gal. jugs) of 12.5% chlorine. That's a better deal then most people get on bleach.



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Apr 30, 2011
Received a very thin liner from Nat. Discount that tore in the middle of the wall while installing. It was in a section that wasn't fully installed, the wind went under it and it tore a 2' gash. A decent liner would not have torn. They passed it off as an error in installation so they did not have to back up the 15 year warranty. Just a $350 lesson to pay the extra and use a real pool supply place.They did not respond to requests for some other kind of discount for compensation. A very bad experience.