Vegas O/B - What should I budget?

Mar 12, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
Hey Guys!
Great forum you have here, I dont think Ive seen this much good info in one place in a long time.

I just purchased a house in Las Vegas and Im looking to build an infinity edge pool. I've attached some pictures of my backyard and some examples of what Id like to do.

My backyard isnt huge so Im thinking a 14' x 28' rectangle with an 8x8 spa.

Before I begin, Im looking to see what you all think I should set my budget to.

Has anyone here owner-built an infinity-edge pool before?





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Jan 3, 2016
Mesa, Az
That's probably more correctly referred to as a zero-edge, just so it isn't confused with a typical "infinity edge". They're pretty to look at but I wouldn't own one. I'd bet you'd be pushing $85k . . .


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Mar 2, 2011
$85k isn't really high for a custom gunite pool.

The type you show is also referred to as a perimeter overflow pool.

Big Will

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Feb 14, 2017
Las Vegas
Welcome to the forum!
I live in Vegas and I'm currently building a pool as well as several others here. I am not doing an infinity edge but I did ask a pool builder what the cost to add one and he said it would be a extra 12-15k. With that being said I would imagine that as a OB you could get it done for 4-7k depending on the materials and pumps you use.
As I been going through the OB route some of the main things that drive cost up are
1. Decking ( what type and how many sq ft)
2. Type of equipment. If you decide to go with automation or infloor cleaners etc
3. How many water features and what type you choose to go with
4. Type of pool finish you choose and the tiles. Meaning if you choose a standard plaster or a higher end mini pebble with glass beads. As far as tile you can go from simple water line tile to pretty glass tiles.
If you could answer some of these questions there are members that could put you in a better ball park. All things being equal I would say you would be in the ball park of 50-60k

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