Varying salt PPM readings - Pentair IC-40


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Nov 12, 2009
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Don't recall seeing this, and so I'm wondering if anyone has seen it.

Background: (Note: haven't yet picked up the Taylor K-1766, don't know that I will unless someone thinks it essential)

New Pentair IC-40 controlled by an Easytouch automation system (v 2.08.0), supported by the Pentair VS-3050 variable speed pump.

PB put in eleven (11) bags of pool salt - which should produce 3300PPM given they correctly estimated the pool at 16K gallons (one would hope they could produce a good volume estimate since they built it). Since there was a month of tab feeding before the salt, there should have been some number of salt equivalent in the water, but I expect the number to be low (?? less than 100 PPM ??).


At relatively low pump flow rates (~30 GPM) the Easytouch diagnostics reports salt at 3100PPM, at a mid-level flow rate (~50 GPM) the salt is reported at 3200PPM, and finally at around 80 GPM it reports 3300 PPM. I tried the salt test strips (acquired through the TFTestkit site) and they are reporting salt around 4000PPM.

Question(s): Anyone else seeing this? Normal?

Concern: For others having a difficult time reporting numbers for salt at their SWG, were they able to test at different flow rates (2-speed or variable-speed pumps)? Note: for my pool the difference of 3100 to 3300 PPM is roughly one whole 40lb bag of salt.


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May 7, 2007
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The salt meters in SWGs are +-400, so 3100 and 3300 are essentially the same reading. That kind of small variation really doesn't make any difference.

Trust the SWG and ignore the salt test strips, unless you have a good reason to believe that the SWG might be broken.


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Dec 3, 2009
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The test strips always test high. Thats true in my hands as well as a number of others here. Like Jason said, trust the Easytouch readout. Only excepetion i would say is if you new the salt was in the 3000-3500 range and the easytouch reads really low or high (say <2200 or >4200). Thenthere may be a censor issue.

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