Variable speed replacement for Hayward Northstar


Apr 22, 2011
Gilbert, AZ

Beginning to look at variable speed options to replace my 1.5HP Hayward Northstar. I have been looking at the Pentair options, and thought the Superflow might work since it is also 1.5HP. I noticed however in looking at the pump curves, that my Northstar has about 20-35 more gpm on the performance curves compared to the superflow. (I don’t know my tdh exactly, but assume it is in the range of the curves)

I have ultraflex in floor cleaners, so i think when running full speed I need the same gpm performance from the superflow as I get on the Northstar. Does this mean that the superflow probably won’t be able to give me the same performance during the time I need to run my in floor cleaners? In this case, would I need to go with the intelliflo?

Thanks in advance!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

The great thing about a VS pump is that they can't be too big... You just use the amount of HP you need.

I would not recommend the SuperFlo since you have the IFCS... You can just adjust the pump to make the IFCS run the way you want.

I recommend the P/N 011028, which is the latest VS model with rotatable pump control head.


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