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Feb 10, 2021
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Welcome to TFP.. a great place to learn all about your new pool... :shark:

Well, it looks like you have a pump for everything...

It appears that the only thing that you will be using your new VSF pump for is to pump water through the filter.

For energy efficiency slower is almost always better. I run my IntelliFlo at 1200 RPM most of the time. If you have a heater you might have to ran at 1500. Basically your new pump is only being used to suck water from the skimmers, through the filter and then push it back to the pool. The reason for this is two fold.. one, it removes all the little floating things that fall into your pool, and two, it allows you to generate the amount of chlorine your pool needs. As the water passes through your 3" tab chlorinator it will pick up chlorine. If you stick around here at TFP, you will find that we are not too fond of tab chlorinators.. :)

For this simple task, your really don't need a big VS pump. They are generally required when you are trying to use one pump for everything. So you could run slow for skimming and then faster when you wanted the waterfall on, and faster still when you wanted your in-floor system to run..

With a system with four pumps, you are unlikely to have any energy efficiency..

How long you run the IntelliFlo is a matter of personal preference. A few hours a day is all you really need, but if you are like me, and hate seeing even just one leaf floating in your pool, you might want to run longer. I run my pump 24/7 because I like to have constant skimming. At low speeds the IntelliFlo costs about $20 bucks a month to run 24/7..


Jim R.
Jim, I tried to set my Intelliflo for 24 hours but wasn't sure how to do the settings. What start time and end time do you use to achieve a 24 hour run time?
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I have an EasyTouch and set both the start and stop time to 8 AM..

Not sure what you need to do with a Jandy system..

I "assume" the Jandy system is what is controlling your pump run time and speeds. :scratch:


Jim R.
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