Variable speed pump settings confusing me


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Aug 24, 2014
I have a Jandy Variable Speed SVRS Epump. I believe it may permit me to run it at 8 different speeds, but I'm still trying to confirm that. My issue is I have no idea what speed to run it for various functions.

When I run it to filter the water, what speed should it be?

When I run it while the Polaris 280 cleaner is running (which has a booster pump as well), what speed should it be?

When I run it when I am also running the 2 Bubblers in my Sunshlef (which are controlled by this pump), what speed should it be?

When I run it while my waterall pump or the pump for my Jets in the Grotto (like a spa) is running, what speed should it be? Does the fact that I am running either of those other pumps have any impact on what speed the Variable Jandy pump should be?

FYI My pool was just filled last Friday and they are going to put the salt in tomorrow. They have advised not to put any chemicals in yet and told me to tun my Jandy pump 12 hours a day. The only advcie I got from the PB was that I should figure it out.

As always, thank you for your advice. I would be lost without this forum.

Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
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Hi Grotto,

The speed the pump needs to run varies on a lot of different things. No two different pools will be the same. Head loss, filter size, pool size, enviornment (leaves and debris on surface),do you have a SWG etc etc. All those things determine what you need to set it up at.

Basically, setting up the VS will take some trial and error.
For jsut basic skimming and filtering, run the lowest speed necessary that provides enough flow to skim the surface of the water. Usually about 4 hours is sufficient, but your situation may require more or less.

For your SWG, it needs x gpm of flow to work, so adjust the speed till your a couple hundred RPM higher than the minimum which the swg requires to get minimum flow. Running slightly higher allows for a slow gpm drop due to the filter getting dirty.

For your water features, same thing. Just increase the RPM until you are happy with the flow from the water feature.

Same for the cleaner....



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Jan 28, 2014
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yes, just trial and error. I have one speed (85%) for powering the in floor cleaners to shoot everything off the bottom all morning. I have a second speed (50%) for churning the water at night after I add chlorine.

Then, I have a separate speed set for each combination of water features. All three features needs like 65%. Just the pots and bubbler are 45%. Just the water sheer and pots is some other %.

Too high and the bubbler is 5 feet tall. Too low and the water sheer starts to break up. Etc.


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Aug 10, 2012
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+another for some trial and error. Here is where I ended up.

1100 rpm to run skimmers and SWG
1950 rpm to run solar panels
1500 to run skimmers, waterfall and SWG
2500 rpm to run suction to bottom drains for brushing