Variable Speed Pump Saving to replace 1/2hp whisperflo


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Jun 5, 2021
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I have a 10 yr old Whiperflo, still runs fine. Currently draws about 1100 Watt while running, and I get a good 45-50gpm flow. 2" plumbing to the pool.
Been reading a lot of really good info in this forum, everybody seems to agree that variable speed pump gives a lot of savings. But I wonder with my size of pool and my current 1/2hp pump giving pretty good flow, will I see a meaningful power consumption savings to replace to a variable speed pump?
If I do replace to a variable speed pump, I'll probably go to the Pentair Intelliflo. But the standard 3hp seems like a huge jump from my current 1/2hp. Should I be considering the i1/i2 flavor of the intelliflo? Anybody has experience with those pumps?

I live in N. California, and pay an arm and a leg electricity :(, about $0.30/kWh

Really appreciate all inputs


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Jul 7, 2014
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should I be considering the i1/i2 flavor of the intelliflo?

You absolutely do not want the i1 or 2...

The IntelliFlo is rated at 3 HP when running at full speed, not something that you will be doing.

A large VS pumps can move more water at low speeds, than smaller VS pumps can move.

I run my IntelliFlo at about 1200 RPM (170 watts) most of the time.. Even though I run 24/7, it costs me less than $20 bucks a month... There is no requirement to run 24/7, it is just something I personally like to do.

You seem to be concerned about "flow"... Not sure why, unless you believe in the old "turnover" myth.. :scratch:

At 1200 RPM, my SWCG works, and my skimmers work, that is all I care about. I could not care less about what the actual "flow" is. It just make no difference.

I don't see a heater in your signature, but if you have one you will have to run at about 1500 or so RPM.

Whatever you do, do NOT get an IntelliFlo with the SVRS option.. The IntelliFlo is the gold standard fo pool pumps, just not the one with the SVRS option.


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May 19, 2020
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I'd suggest getting the smallest variable speed pump you can find. To me it doesn't make sense to replace a 1/2hp pump (where you've been happy with the performance) with a 3hp VS pump. I know there are multiple 1.5hp VS pumps available.


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Mar 21, 2016
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I went from a 1 1/2 HP super pump to a 1.65 vgreen pump from into. My filter use to stay above 15 and power bill was way up.
Now my filter pressure is 4 ( would be lower except for the water wall ) and I don’t even notice a jump in the power bill.

i did a June to June comparison after I swapped it and it looked like my overall bill dropped out 30% and I live in Atlanta.
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