valve mode mappings between aqualink rs control systems and iaqualink?


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May 10, 2020
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Hi new to using aqualink rs and iaqualink. any help appriciated. Basically I am trying to understand how the "valve modes" (pool moce, spamode, spa fill, spadraing) map to iauqalink.
In otherwords, I see the valve modes on the aqualink rs control but I don't see a "pool mode" anywhere in the iaqualink panel on my computer.
Mainly I am trying to program the schedule for cleaning and what not, but not sure which devices I have to turn on and off on the iaqualink so that it is the same as the aqualink RS "pool mode" or "spa mode" or "spa fill" or "spa drain"

Are the Valve modes in the aqualink rs "configurable" somehow, or are they always set to the same thing (jvas, pump, etc...)



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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

Pool mode is the default the system is in when it is not in spa mode. So you select SPA mode to turn the actuators so that the pump suctions from the spa and returns to the spa. Deselect SPA mode and you go back to POOL mode and pump suctions from pool and returns to pool.

Spa drain and spa fill are only used during maintenance and thus do not appear in iAquaLink to be scheduled.

This may help in some areas - Jandy Aqualink RS - Further Reading


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Sep 17, 2017
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In my system, the default names in iAqualink are not the same as those listed on the RS panel.

RS --> iAqualink
Pool Mode = "Filter Pump"
Spa Mode = "Spa"
Spa Fill = "Spillover" *
Spa Drain: I haven't found automation for this valve combination on iAqualink

* Spillover only shows up on iAqualink if you have room to move any existing Aux3 function away from Aux3 and to an available open Aux, and then flip dipswitch #3 to ON.