Valve Location on Inlet 3 Way Valve


Sep 8, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
Hello - So we have a three valve on our new Hayward filter system. Two different supervisors from the installers told us two
different positions for the valve. Can you please tell me which is the correct position for the valve and explain why? LOL.
Having it one way or the other because you are certified pool installer is not explanation enough....<wink wink>
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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

The valve will allow your pump to suck water from either the Skimmer or the Vac port..

If the handle of the valve is pointed away from the pipe marked skimmer, then all the water will come from the vac port.. If you point the handle away from the pipe marked Vac, then all the water will come from the skimmer.

If you point the handle toward the words Skimmer then both the Skimmer and the vac port will be fully open.

In theory, you only want the vac port to be open when you want the vacuum to be running. In practice, most people are too lazy to turn the vac on and off, so they set the valve so that the vac port is open just enough to let the vac cleaner to work as desired.

If I had your pool, I would shut the vac port off and move into this Century by buying a Dolphin Robot cleaner... :mrgreen:


Jim R.