Vacuuming issue


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Jun 5, 2012
This has to be a newbie question, hoping for some tips and tricks so I won't pull my hair out! I was manually vacuuming today and when I was done had my DH turn the pump off so I could disconnect the hose. I was horrified when all the "stuff" came floating back at me. Hello, I sucked those ants and spiders up for a reason!

Our vac plate has to be inserted on the outside into the skimmer and we're putting it on top of the skimmer basket. The Weir Door has to lay out or it won't fit. I hope that makes sense. I have to be missing something because otherwise what is the point if it's all going to come back at me!!

Thanks :)

30' ABG with a single return/skimmer.


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Apr 17, 2010
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If yours is like mine---the vac plate is worthless. Try sticking the hose straight into the skimmer hole. This means removing the skimmer basket AND the weir door. I get a lot better suction. Of course I dip net out any big stuff first.


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Jun 5, 2012
I did stick it directly in for the auto-vac, couldn't get it to work otherwise but hubby was concerned about all that stuff going in the filter. We're just talking bugs and spiders and stuff, I'm guessing that's what the filter is for ;-) Perhaps I'll give that a try next time. It was so frustrating to see it all come back at me!


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May 3, 2011
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I had the same problem. Cannot pull off that plate, way to much suction.
The vacuum plate works very well for me too, but when I'm done and ready to take it apart I flip the pump to low speed and I can pop of the lid/plate very easy and all the junk stays in the basket, then pull and dump basket as normal.



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May 24, 2009
I got a Pentair leaf trap this year. See

I'm surprised at all the benefits I'm getting out of it. Besides trapping big debris, like leaves, it also traps a surprising amount of sand & silt. It traps all those spiders & bugs you mentioned before they get to the filter. Also, before I got this thing, I always had to vac to waste, otherwise some of that sand/silt/dust I vacuumed would get right back into the pool. This year, I'm vacuuming on filter and not getting that "blowback."

Maybe this kind of gadget would help the OP's vac troubles.

Good luck!