Vacuuming has bugs/debris coming out return line


New member
May 28, 2020
Southeast Texas
While vacuuming the pool I'm noticing bugs (that had notionally just been vacuumed) are jetting out the return line. This is a new sand system/pool, less than 2 weeks old. I'm using the filter setting while vacuuming (not the bypass). Basic internet sleuthing (including from this site) has not yielded any fixes.
System is a clear bay 16 inch sand filter with 1 hp pump. Loaded with 100 LB of pool sand per the system's manual. While straight filtering it runs at 10 psi (startup pressure). While vacuuming it's running about 5 psi (no change to the operating mode: filter). Has a 3 ft suction line from the skimmer and 4 ft return line.
Opening the canister I find sand piled to one side, not level. Some debris is on top of the sand so at some point it's catching something. I've tried stirring the sand to restratify it but csame issue while vacuuming.
During a regular filter cycle I'm not noticing stuff come out of the return.
I'm not noticing sand in the pool.
I can't think of any other details, if I'm missing some info let me know. I'm trying to avoid the step of scooping out the sand in the inferno that is Texas.