Vacuuming Debris off Bottom of Pool?


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Feb 24, 2008
Dripping Springs, TX
So, my PB came back today and they sanded down my coping and did some powerwashing to clean up. They're finally done!! :)

BUT, now my pool has a bunch of white limestone powder all throughout it. I can't even see the bottom in fact.

My PB told me he would try to come back tomorrow or next week and vacuum it, and I was like F that, I will just do this myself vs. waiting..


I know I hook the vac into the hole in the skimmer. I have vac'd once before so I know how it works..

BUT MY QUESTION IS... Is the vac going to push this stuff around and scratch up the plaster?? When I vac'd before, it was a little sand that my daughter accidentally tracked onto the swim ledge, and I noticed after vacuuming there was some minor scratches where roughly I had vac'd.

The scratches were very fine, like a pencil point, and are hard to see but are much lighter in color compared to the rest of the plaster. I have medium gray plaster so perhaps it shows up more with this color???

So before I go scratching the Crud out of my plaster further, I wanted to make sure this was a smart thing to do or to see if there was some other way to get sand/stone debris (power that has settled to the bottom) out of my pool!




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Dec 22, 2007
Central New York
I would put more water in the pool and put the filter valve on waste when I vacuumed. That way the fine dust doesn't get put back into the pool water thru the filter. What kind of filter do you have?

I have never worked on a plaster pool. Don't rub hard with the vacuum head. Go slow and let the water being sucked into the head bring the dust to you.


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Feb 24, 2008
Dripping Springs, TX
I have a huge 4-cartridge Jandy CL filter. I think it will filter out the limestone dust, but it will probably ruin the filtration.

It is already running, as the PB left the filter on in Service mode when he left apparently. So I will leave it running, but I think I'm going to make him bring me some new filter media now.. :)

As for the vac, it has wheels so I hope it just rolls over the dest, but I fear if the wheel sticks/catches it will run the plaster and if there is hella stone poweder under the wheel, it's going to scratch it up (repeat for every square inch of the pool)..


I said the pool is finally done, now I feel it is FAR from done.. And just when I got the TA and pH and CL levels perfect!!