Vacuum that Catches Crud Before it Gets to Filter?

Mark Shvitz

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Jun 20, 2018
Gainesville, FL
Last year I wanted to vacuum my pool, so I got a cheap vacuum thing and a hose. Problem: the Crud I vacuum up goes into the filter, so I have to backwash and add DE every time I vacuum. Is there something better out there? I don't want an expensive gadget that cleans the pool by itself, but I thought there might be something that catches the debris before it gets to the filter.


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Jun 23, 2017
Get a new hose that is made up of small sections, and buy a canister, there are tons of options on amazon. The tricky part is making sure the hose and all will fit up to your vacuum head and in your skimmer. I know my Zodiac hoses need an adapter to fit right on my manual vac.

I have a cleaner doing the work, but manually vacuuming will get you the same results, and I'm, sure you will love it. last year I went a full season(basically 4 months) on 1 charge of DE.

A canister with a fine mesh filter or one that you can stick a hairnet/skimmer sock in securely will be amazing.


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May 9, 2011
take the time to install a waste line between the pump and the filter that you can close when filtering and open when you want to manually vacuum