Vacuum screenings


Apr 20, 2017
Iron Station, NC
We just purchased a new pool cleaner. We had a Polaris pressure side cleaner that was no longer effective. We now have a Dolphin Triton PS. I ran the cleaner twice to get everything off of the bottom. It did a great job! However, the filter on this cleaner is very fine, which is a good thing, but we are able to see things that were only being. caught be the sand filter previously. When I emptied the filter, I noticed a bluish green substance on the filters. I rinsed it off of the filters but have been wondering what it was ever since. I went back to the area I hosed it off in today and looked at the substance after it dried. It is very fine, kind of granular but soft. My question is this: Does algae maintain its color after it is dead? Is that what I am looking at? I can't get a pic to post and I don't have a ton of time to spend on it right now. I'll try to get a pic posted maybe tomorrow. The only other thing that I thought it could be is maybe the vinyl liner disintegrating?

Like I said, I have never seen dead algae so I wasn't sure if the color remained.