Vacuum Line Issues


New member
Aug 5, 2014
Hi all,
i am not a newbie to the pool system but this one has me baffled. Just to give you a brief overview of my setup. I have a 30gal in ground saltwater pool, with a hayward sand filter and 3/4 hp pump (I know i need a 1hp but this one does the job)

So I had air bubbles last week coming out of the return line and could not get the vacuum line to operate my shark like it normally would. I had a lot of leaves in the bottom of the pool and figured something got clogged. Tried everything and could not get it cleared. Purchase a drain bladder, and used it at both ends. Set my filter to waste and a small zip lock bag appeared in the pump basket (kids). My Kreepy Krauly started working normal. Asked my son to vacuum the leaves out the pool with one of those garden hose vacuum, but i guess he relied on the krauly to suck up all the leaves with out the leaf canister attached and now i am in the same predicament with no luck.

Here is what have me baffled. When i shut off the main line and only have the skimmer/vacuum side running, minimal water is passing through. If i put my hand over the skimmer hole, it dam near too my hand off. I have 0 pressure on my filter guage, the krauly doesn't move, no water out the return line and minimal in the pump...nada. If i switch to the main line everything is normal. I opened the valve (3 ports) and found nothing trapped on the vacuum side. Place the drain bladder in there and i can see water coming forcely out the skimmer side and vice versa.

What could be my issue.

Thank you