Vacuum in an expandable liner?


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May 15, 2017
Hello All,

We're replacing our 52" 24' AG overlap liner and wonder if the vacuum method will work with an expandable liner. The center of the pool is dished out 8". All the DIY info I can find is for stretching in the liner with water weight.
We ordered a 25 gauge, 60" expandable liner from Amazon (Quality Pool Products) and will soon begin the install.

Please advise,


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Jun 7, 2011
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I can't answer you unfortunately Dennis, but wanted to say welcome to the forum, and sorry you havent gotten a response. My only suggestion of to ask the supplier how these should go in, or perhaps a bump will get this into view of others who have been down this path.


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Jun 21, 2011
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An expandable liner relies on the weight of the water to pull it and stretch it into place, hence why all expandable liners only come in the overlap variant, as you have to go around the pool and release a little liner into the pool at a time as it fills. I'm not saying that a vacuum couldn't be used but I would imagine you'd need one powerful vacuum with a great deal of suction to accomplish stretching an expandable liner in place.


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May 15, 2017
Thanks for the replies. Pool won't be going in until the middle of June and we are going to try a "hybrid" install. Will start with water weight stretch and then when the sun has got it nice and warm we'll hit it with the vacuum and suck it tight to the walls. Will post results.
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