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May 23, 2020
Saskatchewan Canada
I am enjoying my new pool and this site has made things very easy for me so far!
The information on here is great!
I have been reading about leaving the pool for a vacation and just wanted to clarify.
I will be leaving for a week or so and just want to make sure I do not screw things up.
FC 3 (just added to get to 6)
CC 0
PH 7.6
CYA 50
TA 125

I seem to be losing 3ppm FC daily when the sun is out and kids are swimming. I test and add chlorine in the evening, usually test at 3ppm and add to get to 6ppm as per pool math app.When it was cloudy and miserable I only lost about 1ppm FC. This is with a light blue solar cover on the pool.
I will have someone stopping in to check on things and can possibly add chlorine but I do not know what day they will be stopping in.
So my question is do I add 21ppm FC when I leave and not get them to add any? Or do I add less and get them to add some when they come?
I have also read about the floating jug method?
Thanks for any advice!


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Targeting 6ppm FC with a CYA of 50 is risky business. Take a look at your target range and attempt to stay in the zone and always above the minimum. Chlorine / CYA Chart - Trouble Free Pool

Push your FC up toward 20 before you go and have a jug of chlorine (enough to raise your FC by 10 ppm) ready for when your helper shows up, ideally after 4 days. Expect to lose more than 2ppm FC when well above your target range
I would avoid using trichlor tabs with your CYA at 50.
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Dec 31, 2019
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I think you should use 6 ppm as your minimum FC. It isn't a big deal if you're starting each day at 9 and then dropping to 6, but I would keep it at or above 6 at all times. You're much better off being a little high than a little low.


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May 23, 2020
Saskatchewan Canada
Hello again.
I have noticed my pool seems a bit cloudy when underwater today. Kids said it was like that yesterday as well.
There has been a lot of Poplar fuzz of the trees lately. Also when I vacuum the pool there doesn't seem to be a lot suction from the vac hooked to the skimmer.
Wondering if I'm beginning to get algea?
Do I need to SLAM?