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Aug 26, 2016
Chapmansboro, Tn
Hey all,
Going on a 5 day cruise in July. My sister in law has volunteered to house sit for us. She has no problem turning on pump, checking basket,ect..
She does not want to do water test. My question to ya'll, since my water is chrystal clear thanks to this site and everyone here is, should I just ask her to add an average amount of bleach (say 3 cups) a day, or should I bring to slam level and throw 3 or 4 pucks in floater and pray for the best. What would you do? 20 yr anniversary, taking wife to Mexico hate to come back to ugly pool.
Thanks Bill


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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
If your pool would be OK with the CYA level going up a little bit, I'd say go for the SLAM level and pucks method. Just make sure the pucks are in a floater, not a skimmer and that at least SIL makes sure the pool gets a brushing or two and that the floater doesn't get stuck in place somewhere.


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Oct 7, 2016
Congrats on the occasion and cruise. Ask for 3 cups a day from the pool sitter plus put some pucks in the floater until you return for peace of mind. Not much harm in that and you are covered with safe (or safer) chlorine levels.