Vacation what to do with pool


Apr 26, 2016
SW Michigan
I am leaving for vacation soon and will be away from my pool for 7 days. I live in the middle of the country and most of my friends are coming on vacation with me therefore will have no one to watch pool. I am currently on the Bleach Bromine Baking soda plan, How would you suggest I keep my pool as clean as possible while I am away. I just invested in a pool pump time and will be installing shortly.

Thanks in advance.


TFP Expert
Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Best way to go is:

1. Cover the pool if possible. Solar cover would be easiest, winter cover is a pain to put on but would help a lot.
2. Raise the FC to shock level based on your CYA.
3. Put a few pucks in a floater, realizing that your CYA will increase a bit while you're gone.

Doing all 3 would be the best method.

Also... not sure what you mean by "Bleach Bromine..." but I'm guessing that was a typo and you meant "Bleach Borax Baking Soda" or BBB, the old name for TFP methods.