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You've got lots of room for more CYA. For a pool your size, one puck adds about 11 FC and 7 CYA. If the floater will hold two, you're set.

I'm also going away from July 2 to 7. These are my numbers:

TC 10+
FC 1.5
CC 0.5
PH 7.8
TA 90
CH 50
CYA. 60
Salt 1930
Borates 50
Temp 88

The FC and CC were FAS-DPD on Sunday, when I hadn't been able to get chlorine for a few days. The 10+ is the OTO today, and the 7.8 PH is today, but might be distorted by the chlorine. It was 7.5-7.6 the last week.

I'm not too comfortable using pucks with a 60 CYA. Also, I don't have a timer. I'm thinking I should buy one. I do have a solar cover.

Should I just bring it to SLAM level before I leave?
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Do you have time to correct the CYA by draining or water exchange? That would be my preferred choice. If not possible I'd get to SLAM level right before you leave then fix the CYA when you get back. To do this you need FAS-DPD FC. OTO FC is not quantitative and cannot be used to determine you are at SLAM level.
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