Vacation success


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Sep 4, 2019
SW Ohio
We were gone for six nights. This was the first time leaving the pool. I do have a SWG with a CYA level of 60. Chlorine was 9.5 when I left. Placed the solar cover on the pool ( which we use all the time anyway) and set the swg to produce 1.9 ppm of chlorine. Normal setting is 3.0 as long as we take the solar cover off each morning. I was afraid to try a lower setting with this first absence. I did have a pool friend stop by to check the pool water level. The pump/swg is on a timer and runs six hours a day from 11 am - 5 pm. We got in last night, pulled the solar cover off, turned just the pump on to circulate the water, brushed a bit and tested the water. 16.5 ppm on the chlorine. Success!
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