Vacation pool help


Jun 16, 2019
Thanks to TFP and this forum my first pool has been just about perfect and clear since opening a few weeks ago. My pool is a above ground 16x28 oval about 12,000 gallons.
My ALKALINITY was high at start up but everything else was good and clear so I have just been bringing it down daily as my PH raises a little each day.
CYA 60
FC 4-5
PH 7.6
CH 240
ALK 220
My FC goes down to about 3 daily
And I adjust PH down to 7.2-7.4 daily
So I Am adding acid almost every day just a little to keep my PH between 7.2-7.6 to slowly bring down ALK. I also add bleach daily but only about 32 oz. I will be gone for 4.5 days and I do not want my pool to take a dive ....
I am going to leave pump going the whole time I am gone. I really do not want to use pucks because of CYA and because this pool as never had anything in it except bleach , acid and stabilizer. Would it be okay to lower my PH to 7.0 and raise my FC to like 15 or 20 ? I was thinking that by doing this , my levels should be back to normal in 5 days when I return. Thank you all for your dedication and help!

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Would it be okay to lower my PH to 7.0 and raise my FC to like 15 or 20 ?
Yes, no problem. Keep in mind thought that elevated FC drops at a faster rate than your FC in the normal target range. So while you may be used to a 3 ppm drop of FC each day, it may drop quicker from 20. It should still help you get a jump on things for at least 3 days or so. Of course if you have anyone else local you can trust to add bleach mid-way through your trip that may be idea as well.