Vacation Plan - Use Winter Cover?


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Sep 2, 2011
Nanty Glo, PA
I've got a 7 day vacation coming up in July and was wondering if I could bring the pool up to shock level, leave the solar cover in place, and place the winter cover over top of that. I just can't see how the solar cover will be enough to hold the chlorine level high enough for 7 days. My filter is running on a timer now. I have it set for 6 hours (3 blocks of 2hr runs), but should probably bump that up to 8 hours. The main reason for leaving the solar cover in place is just for convenience (so as not to have to fold it up and put it away somewhere).



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May 7, 2007
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That sounds like a good plan. You don't need the winter cover if the solar cover is UV opaque, unfortunately it isn't usually obvious if it is or not. Adding the winter cover will be certain to work.

With the pool covered there is no need to increase pump run time, you could reduce it if you want.