Vacation for 8 days, a few questions regarding the plan


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Jul 16, 2021
Northern VA
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20000gal IG pool with solar blanket, no SWCG unfortunately. Currently CYA at 40,, and daily consumption with the cover on in high uv days (direct sunshine from 8am-5pm) is about 2-3ppm, less with cloudy days. FC consumption could be 4-5ppm with cover off during the PM sunshine and 2hours of swim. I have three floaters and tons of pucks too. My solar blanket covers about 90% of the pool, with spaces exposed around the edge.

My plan is to raise the FC to SLAM level, leave the cover on, put some pucks in the floater. Then have my relative to come by maybe twice or three times during the 8 day. Come back the uncover the pool and increase to SLAM level and run the robot.

A few questions just to make sure I'm not doing too much.
1. I run my pump about 12 hours a day in sections (single speed), so I don't want to put the pucks in skimmers. With floater, it seems that the pucks were dissolving quite slowly. So should I put all three floaters in the pool? Should I increase the opening to max on them? Do I need to keep the floaters closer to the return (no elegant way, but maybe doable with some weights and a rope).
2. We tried with SLAM level FC and solar cover on earlier in the season at CYA less than 30,(less UV and lower temp), and took about 2 days before we need to add LC to maintain. Not sure with the current CYA plus the addition from the pucks, how long after the initial SLAM FC bump would require adding LC? I don't want to overly bother my relative to come every two days... Was thinking maybe every three days, at dawn to pour 1 gal of 12.5%.
3. Anything else I missed?

Thanks a lot.


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Mar 8, 2021
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I wouldn't overthink it. Go ahead with your plan of running the FC up to SLAM level and float a few pucks. It should be fine for 8 days. Maybe have the relative come once after about 5 days to add a gallon or gallon and a half of chlorine but you'd probably be fine even without that.

I've gone 5 days in Phoenix summer with the same plan and returned to FC still well above target and 3 pucks half dissolved. Could have gone a few extra days I'm sure.
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