Vacation for 10 days


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Aug 6, 2008
Richardson, TX

I am heading out on vacation for ten days and do not have a neighbor to come in and take care of my pool while i am gone. Looking for advice on how to keep the chemical levels where they need to be while i am gone, or at least at a level that will not be hard to revive when i get home.

Current readings are
FC 5
PH 7.4
TA 120
CYA 40

18,000 gallon gunite pool, attached jacuzzi all sun no shade. Dallas Texas and forecast during my time away will average mostly sunny adn temps at night around 79 degrees and during the day 97 degrees.

Any advice would be great.


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May 20, 2007
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Hi steve,
Use a floater tablet dispenser with trichlor, 3-4 tablets with the 2-3 openings at the bottom of the floater. IF you have an inline chlorinator that would be better. Also a solar cover would help immensely, cuts down on uv loss and also evaporation.

Raise the chlorine up to shock level the night before you leave, and then the tablets should hopefully be able to keep the bad stuff away till you get back, your CYA increase will be negligible.

Enjoy your trip :)


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Mar 17, 2010
Spring, TX
Here is what I have done and I am in houston texas and was recently gone for 7 days. I always check my FC daily so I know what my average loss is daily.

My CYA is at 40 and I did not want to use tabs as to increase my CYA any. So I just took my daily average of 1.5 and multiplied it by the days I would be gone, which gives me 10.5. To be safe I bumped it up a littler higher to 15 to be on the safe side. This would help if a lot of stuff got blown into the pool, dirt. When I came back my levels were right at the min and I just raised the level a little bit above the middle level and had no issues. I have done this also on a 4 day weekend trip as well with different fc levels and never had an issue. I do not want to get my CYA out of control so that is why I do not use pucks.