vacation and chlorine tablet use


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May 21, 2010
I am a newbie and just converted from Baquacil to the BBB method in May (and loving it!!!). I had just gotten my CYA level up to 30 right before we left on vacation. We weren't sure how long we were going to be gone (a week at the most). Before we left I put enough Clorox in the pool to get it to shock level. Then I put three Chlorine feeders in the pool -- each one with two 3" tablets in them. We were gone four days. When we returned the FC level was at 10.5. I was really surprised it was that high. Anyway, I wanted to get the floaters out ASAP so my CYA level wouldn't get too high - it was hot and sunny while we were gone. I thought I read under another topic (but I can't find it now) that you can take the floaters out with the used chlorine tablets in them and store them to use the next time you go on vacation. I have done this -- they are sealed in a five gallon bucket in a cool dry place. I just wanted to make sure this is a safe and effective way to store the floaters with the used chlorine tablets in them???
Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.
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