UV System, Mineral Sanitizer


Jun 13, 2012
I am going to place the order today for all my pool equipment online. It is too late to go with Salt Water System since I got stainless (not Titanium) heat exchanger for my heating.

So now I am choosing between UV System (Trident) and Mineral Sanitizer (Nature2).

Trident is about $400 while Nature 2 is $100.
Or shall I get both?
Please help!!!

BTW, shall I get automatic chlorinator (like Pentair Rainbow) for $60 too? Off line?

I am ordering it to my friend in Seattle and driving all the way from Canada to pick it up since US prices for any equipment are 1/2 of Canadian.

Thank you!


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Apr 4, 2007
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You don't need either. The UV is unneeded, and the Nature 2 is a waste of money. The Rainbow is handy to have, but you won't want to use the pucks for very long to avoid excess CYA.


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May 7, 2007
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There is nothing about a stainless steel heat exchanger that prevents you from using a SWG (salt). Your heater will be fine at the typical SWG levels of salt, even though it would have problems with ocean water levels of salt.