Utility Easment Issue - Does this make sense?


Jun 6, 2010
Clayton, NC
I just went down to my county land use office to pick up the building permit they said was ready for me for my IG pool. As I was getting ready to pay for it and leave, I got into a discussion about the sewer pipe running through my backyard. To make a long story short, the person I was talking to made a phone call and then told me that I need to stay 15' away from the easement which is already 10' away for the pipe. A total of 25' from the pipe! So now my site plan, which was stamped "approved" when I walked in, is now rejected.

I know that I should have just kept my mouth shut and walk away with the permit. Does having to keep 15' away from an easement which is already 10' away from the sewer pipe sound normal? By the way, the jurisdiction is Johnston County, NC. Thanks.


In The Industry
Feb 10, 2010
We just ran into this in Gwinett county GA. The stream buffer was set to 25' and they told us that we had to be an additional 10' away from that. We went back to the codes and it said nothing about the buffer on a buffer so we went back to the county and agued our point and they agreed. Here in Ga a sewer easement is 10 on each side of the pipe and the pool can be built right up to it.
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