Using well water to top off my pool


Jan 24, 2012
SW Florida
I am on a 'why is my water bill so high' kick and am looking at my pool. My pool is not-covered, in full sun, and in florida. I end up putting a couple of inches in every now and then depending on rain and weather.

I did a rough estimate of how much water I use when putting 2 inches of water in my pool. My quick calc seemed to be around 700 gallons. (my pool is 17K gallons). My local city water is $14.25 per 1K gallons (water and sewer rate together). So by my estimate, one top off costs me around $10.

Now I have a well for gardening. My highly scientific test of the well water is that it is clear and has a very slight sulfur taste.

So my question is, what would be the impact of using the well water in my pool?


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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
Strictly depends on the iron content of your water. What is that number? Having to constantly use sequestrants could easily offset the cost of topping off with city water.

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