USG Pool Motor Humming

Jul 15, 2014
Columbus, OH
My dilemma. Opened the pool early this year - I'm currently slamming it. 2.5 year old US Motors 1.0 HP pump working fine until a storm rolled in two days ago. Emptied the skimmer basket which was full of pollen and tree gunk - forgot to check the basket at the motor until the morning. Shut off the pump, emptied the basket that was almost clogged.. motor won't kick on. Clicks, with a humm and then shuts off. Removed it - shaft moves freely. Can't get it to turn up. Am I doomed to replacing with another motor? I called the store that installed it and they told me some motors only last 1.5 years. No way. Is it the capacitor, exactly what is a capacitor? Pix of the motor & shiny inside attached! Help??



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Jun 5, 2016
Martinez, CA
Most likely a bad starting capacitor. If the motor doesnt trip out immediatley, that will likely be the problem. The silver round can like thing shown in your picture is the capacitor. Worth a relativley small investment to see. Most can be bought online for 10-12 dollars.


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Mar 2, 2011
The capacitor will discharge through the windings unless the windings open while running. If the capacitor is charged, the motor is probably bad.

Also, you have black and red power wires. That's usually 230 volts, but it looks like your selector switch is set to 115 volts.

You should measure supply voltage and make sure that the selector is set correctly.
Jul 15, 2014
Columbus, OH
The capacitor was bad - replaced it and checked the voltage to be sure. We're back in business! Thank you all for the advice. I suppose I may have to add electrician along with chemist to my resume since I got this pool! Saved a couple hundred dollars.