Used ULTIMA Swamp to Swim, pool is back to green?

Nov 2, 2014
Ashland, Kentucky
I used ultima swamp to swim pool kit. I followed directions exactly. This afternoon, the water was clear and you could see through to the bottom, which was covered in Algae. I turned on the pump and vacuumed to waste. About five minutes into vacuuming the pool looked like a swamp again. Im not sure what to do now? Does anyone have any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!


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Aug 18, 2012
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Welcome to TFP !
We can help you out but your going to have to do some reading here on the forum to get an understanding of what we teach here.
To fix your pool, your going to have to follow the SLAM Process. Read over this as it needs to be followed to the T. I don't know what test kit your using now, but to SLAM your pool your going to need a good test kit that can read high FC levels. I use the TF 100 as it's the best value. If you get that kit order the XL option. It'll give you more of the reagents for the SLAM process. It can be purchased at
Here are the recommended Test Kits. The test results from one of these kits will be the ones we trust to base our advice from. Pool store testing isn't up to the task of accurate water testing therefor we don't trust their results to give you advice on. Test strips are also not accurate enough to base advice on. When you get your test kit post up a full set of results and we can get you started in clearing up your pool. We and you need accurate test results to do this !
While your waiting for your kit to arrive which if you ordered the TF 100, it'll ship fast, spend some time reading In pool school. There's a ton of info there so just soak it up as you can. Here are a couple of good articles to start with.
ABC'S Of Pool Water Chemistry
How To Chlorinate Your Pool
Recommended chemicals
When you have some more specific questions don't hesitate to ask. Lots of good people here that will want to help you out. 😎


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May 22, 2013
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You need to follow the procedure to SLAM and use liquid bleach.

Those fix all kits make a lot of money for the manufacturers and retailers but in most cases don't really cure the cause. They may clean up a pool for a day or week but usually they don't do what they say.
I wish it was that easy but it just isn't. On the other hand it's not that hard to take control of your pool and with some attention to it's chemistry keep your pool clean and blue all year long. It will likely even be cheaper doing it the TFP way than making runs to the pool store and buying stuff there.

These are the less expensive easy to find chemicals we use, walmart, hardware store, big box stores like Homedepot or even grocery stores carry some or all of them :

This is a photo of the walmart "Magic Pill", one size fixes all :hammer:



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May 15, 2007
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Very interesting.

I would assume this is a combo product a lot of companies are selling now.

MPS, DI CHLOR and Clarifier.

BUT...I believe they are selling a free product, be curious with Walmarts return policies, blue in 24 hours...not a chance with some ponds I have worked on lol. So one I assume could take the empty box back and request their money back?


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May 22, 2013
Hudson, WI
Walmart has been pretty cheap on warranties. I bought an electric blanket that had a 5 year warranty and was told after 60 or 90 days I'd need to work the warranty out with the manufacturer. I'm pretty sure my local walmart would find a reason not to return the "Green to Blue" and say to contact HTH about it.
Just think how much they make selling algaecide since so many pool stores and pool maintance "professionals" recommend it as a weekly preventative :roll:


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Jun 23, 2013
East TN
Ultima Swamp to Swim is 52% Calcium Hypochlorite

It will increase the Calcium Hardness (CH) of your pool. That is not necessarily a bad thing to use if you have a low CH level but you will still have to quit using it at some point but bleach is generally cheaper. You will need to post some test results before anyone can give you proper advice.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Getting this thread back on track......brittmaynard, powerstrk's advice is on the money. You will have to do some reading in Pool School, particularly "ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry", to begin to understand what we teach .

It involves the simplest of chemicals (chlorine) and methods to test and apply chlorine adequately to get your pool sparking clean. Retail stores love to sell you "magic" ingredients that make all sorts of promises but they seldom, if ever, deliver.