Used Spa Purchase


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May 4, 2017
Fresno, CA
i just bought a used Elite Spa that appears to be in good condition. There doesn't appear to be any mold growing and I tested all the jets/heater ex before moving it. It looks pretty clean. The spa movers did a great job and I am am filling it up for the first time since it had water in it yesterday. Should I still use Ahh-some even though I don't see any mold or feel any slime? I am going to be using chlorine. Anything else I should do or replace right out of the gate?


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Feb 17, 2017
Dahlonega, Georgia
It is highly recommended to use ahh-some, and many say not only for a used tub, but even before you first use a new tub. You should be most concerned about what is in the hidden areas of the plumbing.