Used Pool Solar Panel sideways layout


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Oct 10, 2011
Plantation Fl
Hello all,

I am looking to buy used solar panels and I am trying to figure out the best way to connect the panels to each other. I will be installing them in my yard and I have limited space.
I have about 10ft front to back and about 28 ft side to side.

I may be buying fafco 4x10 panels or 4x 12 panels. I will have room for 4 panels. I will have to install them in the following layout. Which is basically two 20ft rows of panels

----------10ft---------- ----------10ft---------
4ft 4ft 4ft 4ft
---------10ft---------- ---------10ft----------

----------10ft---------- ----------10ft---------
4ft 4ft 4ft 4ft
Intake---10ft---------- ---------10ft----------

The water will be connected on the leftside. What is the best way to connect the 4 panels together to make sure they all fill evenly and efficiently.

Some additional info:

Pool is 13x19ft only about 9k-10k gallons
Pentair variable speed pump
Pool Facing north and screen enclosed in South Florida
I already have a wooden rack custom built and had cheap panels successfully running heating up my pool 10 degrees (90degrees) warmer for 2 years. The panels started to get brittle and leak. they were straw like plastic material, Unlike the the rubbery feel of Fafco brand.

I figure I would buy some used "good brand" panels like Fafco or heliocol at 20-50$ per panel and hopefully last for 2-4 years and just replace them again as need. It's still cheaper than buy new ones.


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Aug 10, 2012
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It is better to install them like this if you can, Installation Photograph

More here about building a rack,

More here about how to plumb a double row if that is what you need to do.

The goal with plumbing solar panels is to put the water in at the bottom and let it out on the top opposite side so that the panel is completely filled at all time. So, in on lower left and out on upper right. Or vice versa.