Used Pool Slide Installation


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Jun 6, 2016
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Hey everyone, I figured I'd start a new topic for my used slide question as a lot of the info I found didn't address my question 100%

Firstly, I recently bought a used 6ft slide off of Craigslist. It definitely needs to be refinished and I think I'm covered there - will pressure wash the surface with 2000psi, then maybe lightly sand, then use some sort of cleaning chemical (I forget which, but I have the info bookmarked), then put on primer and "paint". I think it's this Interlux stuff but I haven't decided 100% I'm not terribly concerned with what I will paint it with.

My real question has to deal with mounting it on my IG pool deck. I see ground flanges for pools that are in the $200 range EACH. This is crazy to me. Therefore, here is my question. I have access to CAD software and a 3D printer. Does anyone here know if a 3D printed flange bolted into the ground will be good enough to secure my slide?

If this isn't a viable solution, I was simply going to use a couple of L-brackets at each of the slide posts and anchor those to the concrete with concrete inserts.

What are your thoughts on this?


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Jul 8, 2010
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You can get high quality deck mounted ladder mounts for $20-$30 each. You would need four normally.

Why reinvent something that you can buy better quality for less - especially when there is safety involved.

If the slide is fiberglass - paint is normally not going to stick. If it is fiberglass you would need to hot coat it or paint a thin coating of resin
onto the board. If damaged or if you want to recolor it you may need a sanding coat or two before that.. its a thicker resin with wax in it made for sanding. This is how you finish a surfboard. It has be be sanded before it will adhere.

Check out a surfboard supply company like fiberglass supply.


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May 19, 2010
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I think recommending anything outside of the manufacturer's specifications would not be prudent for this forum :) how are we supposed to know the material strength characteristics of your 3D printer?


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Jun 6, 2016
Orange County, CA
OK everyone, I found deck flanges that will fit the round poles of the slide perfectly for $14 each, and in ground inserts for $6 each set - no problem anticipated there.

The ladder legs are NOT poles, however, and instead have a "C" cross section. How in the world do I install THAT into the deck? I couldn't find any deck flanges for that, unless I'm not looking properly. If I cannot find any mounting hardware, I was going to simply chip away from the concrete for maybe 1 or 2" deep if I could using a chisel and hammer. we're talking a small foot print for the C channel, and I think it'll be "easy". I was then going to anchor it with quickrete or something like that. Alternatively, I could use simple "L" brackets and drill two anchors into the concrete as well.

Thank you for steering me away from 3D printing something. I agree that they wouldn't be as safe as something designed for the job.

Any thoughts on the ladder legs?